10 Ways to Boost Your Used Car Dealership Marketing Today


Looking to bring more foot traffic to your lot? More online traffic to your website? More inquiries? More conversions? More benefit to your bottom line? It all comes down to marketing—and for used car dealers, there are always ways to make marketing more effective. In this post, we’ll offer 10 simple steps you could take today, all of which can yield significant bottom line benefits.

10 Steps for Improving Dealership Marketing

  1. Make your website mobile friendly. To accommodate online search engine users, you must have a site that’s easy to use and to navigate across all device types. Test your site today, and if it’s not mobile optimized, contact your Web developer ASAP.
  2. Start using Craigslist. A well-crafted Craigslist post can be a great way to get people calling your dealership. Plus, you can use the Craigslist Wizard app, from Get My Auto, to make sure your ads are optimized for success.
  3. Embrace email marketing. Start building a database of customer emails, and keep in touch with people through monthly updates. A newsletter can be effective for simply keeping your dealership visible to potential or recurring buyers.
  4. Spruce up your dealership. Curb appeal is everything! Make sure your dealership looks truly welcoming. Keep it clean and well-organized, with effective lighting and signage.
  5. Start tracking your results. Any digital marketing efforts—whether social media, email, SEO, or Craigslist—should be monitored and measured. Ensure you have the proper analytics in place. Note that the Craigslist Wizard comes with powerful tracking functions built in!
  6. Use live chat. Help your dealership website to be useful—and human. Start a live chat function, and let interested buyers connect with customer service representatives.
  7. Start a blog. Helpful blog posts, guiding buyers through the process of vehicle ownership and maintenance, can go a long way toward building trust and instilling consumer confidence.
  8. Use video. Like blogs, videos can be powerful ways of educating your buyers—helping them feel comfortable buying a vehicle from you.
  9. Write compelling calls to action. Every page of your site should have a clear, concise call to action—inviting buyers to either call or come down to your dealership to look at vehicles!
  10. Post customer testimonials. Your website needs trust signifiers—and the best ones are the ones generated by actual customers. Create a testimonials page today!

What’s the Next Step for Your Dealership Marketing?

Think about where you want your dealership marketing to go next—and if you need a consultation, don’t hesitate to call the dealership marketing pros here at Get My Auto. Our Orange County based agency works exclusively with used car dealers, and we’d love to show you how our services get results. Reach out to us today to start a conversation.

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