How Your Dealership Can Succeed on Instagram

Used car dealerships can benefit greatly from a robust social media presence—yet with so many social platforms to choose from, many dealership managers feel overwhelmed, or else spread too thin. We believe that there are some platforms that are more crucial than others. Facebook tops our list, and we’d also recommend selling vehicles on Craigslist—an oft overlooked tool for used car dealerships. With that said, Instagram would round out our top three. When used properly, Instagram can be a powerful way to build your dealership’s branded presence. In this post, we’ll lay out our three essential tips for Instagram success.

Post Consistently, and from Multiple Sources

First and foremost, you need to post content to Instagram on a regular basis—we’d say once a day at the minimum. Inconsistent updates will make it less likely anyone will follow or engage with your brand. In addition to posting often, though, also make sure you post from different sources. What we mean by this is, post some candid shots from your own lot. Post stock images from the manufacturers you carry. You might even ask individual sales reps to submit photos they take throughout the day. Be varied in your approach to Instagram content.

Don’t Forget About Video

Second, remember that Instagram isn’t just a platform for still photos. You can also submit videos, and you should. There are a lot of different ways for you to use video on your dealership’s behalf. One way is to take videos to showcase the different features and amenities of your cars. You can also take behind-the-scenes tours of your dealership, helping humanize your brand. Even quick “talking heads” segments, where you explain key points about vehicle financing or care, can be helpful for your buyers. None of your videos need to be super fancy, either; simply filming on an iPhone is perfectly acceptable.

Be Social

Finally, remember that Instagram is indeed a social network. What this means is that you don’t have to drive home the hard sales pitch all the time. You will benefit from being more casual and authentic in your approach. Behind-the-scenes photos of your team, or videos made to inform rather than persuade, can gain trust and build loyalty. Also be sure you take time to respond to any questions you receive from your Instagram followers. Engage, interact, and build an online community around your brand.

Get Help from the Pros

To summarize, we’ll reiterate that we think Instagram is valuable—but only when it’s used strategically. We can help you with that. Get My Auto is a seasoned marketing firm, and we only work with used car dealerships. We’d love to help transform your Instagram approach. Reach out to Get My Auto today to start a conversation about all we can do for you.