Instagram Marketing Tips for Auto Dealers

Auto dealers have one very big advantage: The products they are selling are inherently interesting, inherently fun to look at, inherently cool. While a tax attorney or a vacuum cleaner salesperson might struggle with the implicit un-sexiness of their industry, auto dealers can rest assured that their products carry great interest for buyers. And not only that, but they are photogenic, too!

This makes Instagram something of a no-brainer. The social media platform is all about sharing videos and, primarily, photos. And if you have products that lend themselves to photography—well, it’s obvious that Instagram can be a great way to show off your inventory and to connect with potential buyers.

All of this hinges on having a sound Instagram strategy, though. We’ll provide some tips for Instagram marketing below.

Consider Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

Photo quality counts. This one probably goes without saying, but your purpose in using Instagram is to make your inventory look attractive, appealing to potential buyers. Blurry or indistinct shots won’t do that. Generally speaking, close-up shots of the bumper probably won’t, either. Make sure you invest time in some really good images.

… but don’t make them too professional. With that said, Instagram is something that people use casually, and they don’t want to feel like they’re just seeing a bunch of ads. Rather than use professional marketing images of your cars, drive them out to some grassy, green location and take some more candid shots of them there. Make images that will seem natural and authentic in someone’s social feed.

Don’t forget hashtags. You’ll get to write a caption for each photo, and we’d generally recommend keeping them brief—maybe 12 words or so. Include hashtags, though, to make your images more easily found by people who are searching.

Think beyond product showcases. Not every Instagram photo has to be about the car itself. Offer advice and tips. Take a picture of the dipstick, and use your caption to remind people to get regular oil changes. Take a photo of the glove box, and write a quick blurb about glove box organization. Think in terms of providing real value to your Instagram followers.

Don’t forget about your Instagram Story! Upload some casual, behind-the-scenes videos of your sales reps or service technicians. This can be a great way to make your dealership feel more relatable and more human to your Instagram viewers.

Post consistently. To build a community around your dealership’s Instagram page, you’ll need to ensure regular content updates. Don’t let your feed become stagnant! Try to post at least once daily.

Develop Your Instagram Marketing Strategy

To take your Instagram efforts to the next level, of course, you can always consult with the pros. The Get My Auto team has ample experience making Instagram work for auto dealers, and we’d love to give you a hand. Reach out to us today to learn more about our range of digital marketing services.