SEO Tips for a New Dealership Website

When setting up a new website for your auto dealership, you want something that will look professional. You want something that will provide meaningful information to potential clients. You want something that will capture leads. And of course, you want something that will be found, in particular by search engine users.

This makes an early investment in search engine optimization (SEO) absolutely critical—but what can you do to ensure that you’re laying the proper groundwork for a well-optimized site?

Eventually, you may want to consult with an automotive SEO company. That’s certainly something that Get My Auto can help with. In the meantime, here are a few steps you can take to cover some preliminary SEO goals.

Search Engine Optimization for a Dealership Website

Ensure good, substantive content on your home page. Your home page is sort of a virtual storefront. It’s the first thing a potential client will see with regard to your company; it sets the first impression. You don’t want it to be a mere placeholder, then, but rather you want it to immediately convey substance and value. Make yours at least 400 words of good sales copy.

Provide NAP data—consistently. NAP stands for name, address, and phone number—the basic contact information that you should provide on every page of your website. And make sure it’s listed consistently; don’t put Main Street on one page and Main St. on another. Everything should match perfectly.

Develop a habit of blogging regularly. Search engines will reward you for providing fresh new content on a regular basis. The best way to do this is to blog. Offer car maintenance tips, suggestions for saving money on auto insurance—any information that your customers will actually benefit from. Try to be consistent in blogging at least once a week.

Include keywords in title tags and meta descriptions. Your content management system (CMS) should allow you to craft title tags and meta descriptions. These are unique opportunities to list some keywords related to your dealership. Use them wisely, but also organically; your title tags and meta descriptions ultimately need to make sense.

Get reviews. It’s never too early to start collecting some strong Google reviews! Ask your satisfied customers if they wouldn’t mind taking just a few minutes to provide you with their feedback. These reviews have enormous SEO value.

Start tracking. Finally, make sure you’re measuring anything and everything via your analytics dashboard—and that you use that information to direct all your SEO efforts moving forward.

Consult with the Automotive SEO Pros

Another option is to really put your SEO efforts into high gear with a little help from the pros. Get My Auto has offered SEO expertise to car dealerships for many years, and we’re happy to help you turn your website into a truly effective sales portal. Learn more by contacting us and setting up a consultation.