SEO Tips for Car Dealerships

With so many car dealerships out there, how can yours stand out from the pack? The answer lies largely in just being visible where consumers are looking. That means having a strong presence on the Web—and in local search engine queries, in particular.

Consider this: A consumer plans to purchase a new car. She doesn’t have a particular dealership in mind, so she turns to Google, inputting a simple query for the best local car dealership. Google will provide her with a list of dealerships in her geographic area, and that’s basically how she’ll decide where to take her business. As such, its vital that your dealership show up on lists like this, competing with other local auto dealers for the attention of consumers and online search engine users.

This kind of visibility doesn’t happen by accident, of course. It happens through an implementation of SEO strategies—that is, search engine optimization. Through prudent SEO strategies, you can position your dealership to be seen by the people who are actually looking to buy a new car—and to be seen as a reputable and trustworthy seller, at that.

SEO Tips and Tricks for Auto Dealers

The question is, what can car dealers do to enhance their SEO potential? Here are a few SEO optimization tricks we recommend.

– The most important of all SEO tips: Make sure you have a good website. Invest in a site that looks modern and professional, that provides meaningful information to the user, and that is easy to navigate.
– Make sure your dealership’s name and contact information is included on every page of your site, and that it’s listed consistently. (That is, don’t say Main Street on one page but Main St. on another.)
– Provide value-adding content to users—including blog posts and videos. Share your content on social media. Aim to inform, and to build trust. Content about vehicle buying and vehicle maintenance is always good.
– Claim your Google My Business page, and ensure that your contact information is presented accurately. Keep it consistent with how you listed it on your website!
– Implement schema markup, a kind of code that provides the search engine user with more immediate information. You can ask an automotive marketing company about how to do this.
– Seek out citations! Try to get your dealership linked in local business directories, Chamber of Commerce pages, etc.
– Seek positive reviews at online review sites, including Google and Facebook. Provide links to your loyal customers, and ask them to leave their kind feedback. These reviews matter a great deal to Google, and can help your business look more authoritative in the eyes of consumers.

SEO Tips for Automotive Companies

Car dealers need to invest in search engine optimization if they want any chance of competing. One way to take your SEO to the next level is to consult with an online marketing company that specializes in automotive services—like Get My Auto. Contact us today for a consultation.