6 Things Smart Dealerships Do on Facebook

6 Things Smart Dealerships Do on Facebook GetMyAuto

Facebook can be an invaluable platform for connecting with buyers and establishing your dealership’s credibility. Of course, it can also be a time-waster and a money sink. It all comes down to how well you use Facebook—what you do on the platform to generate results.

So what should your used car dealership be doing with its Facebook budget? What should your social profile look like? Here’s a guide from the automotive marketing experts at Get My Auto—six things we recommend every used car dealer do on Facebook.

They make it easy for buyers to contact them.

We’ll start with an easy one: Your dealership’s Facebook page should make it easy for interested buyers to pick up the phone and call you. Make sure your profile clearly lists your phone number as well as your hours of operation. Also include direct links to your dealership website.

They provide helpful content.

There are some who say that organic Facebook reach is dead, but we disagree. Your dealership can still earn the trust of its buyers by sharing valuable articles—vehicle buying guides, vehicle maintenance tips, information about vehicle financing, etc.

They run paid ads.

With that said, organic reach is no longer enough to make your dealership website effective. Using the Facebook Ads platform is an important way to reach buyers and send them to your dealership to view your inventory.

They use Facebook Ads’ targeting features.

What’s more, dealers should be using the advanced targeting features that Facebook Ads provides, which will enable you to provide the right message for the right buyers. You can target your ads to people in a specific geography, a particular price range, even fans of particular makes and models. It’s a great way to ensure that no ad dollar is wasted.

They ask for reviews.

Online reviews are critical to your dealership’s reputation—and Facebook is one of the most influential ad platforms there is. Make sure you’re actively seeking reviews from your buyers, both here as well as on Google.

They engage with their followers.

Finally, don’t forget the “social” part of social media. In addition to sharing information and running ads, use Facebook to provide customer service—answering any questions and addressing any concerns brought up by your followers. Have a member of your team who’s tasked with checking in on Facebook engagement, at least once a day or so.

Facebook Marketing for Used Car Dealers: Where to Start?

These six steps will point you in the right direction for a meaningful Facebook presence—but even so, it’s tough to know just how to get started. You need a big-picture strategy in place to guide your actions. Our team can provide you with one.

Get My Auto is a marketing and technology company that works exclusively with used car dealerships. Reach out to us today to start discussing your Facebook marketing strategy!