Optimizing Your Dealership’s Facebook Page

Optimizing Your Dealership’s Facebook Page GetMyAuto

What’s the most important piece of online real estate you own? The answer, invariably, is your business website. No matter how good or bad your site may be, it’s always the go-to destination for potential customers seeking to connect with your brand.

A close second place is your Facebook page, which can be a kind of secondary hub of information. Indeed, Facebook is a powerful consumer search engine in and of itself—and when new customers find your page, it’s important that it provides them with a good first impression of your dealership.

That means carefully optimizing your page—but how?

Make Sure Your Hours of Operation are Current

For one thing, make sure you go in and add your dealership’s hours of operation. Then, make a note to revise them any time your hours change.

One important consideration is that, unlike Google My Business, Facebook does not currently let you change your hours in accordance with holidays. So, if you’re closed for business on a particular day of the year, you will need to post something about it to keep potential customers in the loop.

Get a Custom Username

When you first sign up for your dealership Facebook page, the platform will automatically generate a URL for you. It may look something like this: www.facebook.com/pages/your-used-car-dealership/9473585.

That’s obviously not something people will remember, so take the time to create a custom URL—one that matches your actual dealership name as closely as possible, and without a long string of numbers at the end! Always go for something that’s brief and memorable.

Add Images

It goes without saying that your dealership needs a profile pic—but did you know that Facebook also allows you to have a featured image/banner? And that, thanks to some recent changes, you can even create a slideshow of images?

Facebook does dictate that these photos be relevant to your business—nothing that’s misleading or irrelevant. Some photos of your team members selling cars can go a long way toward humanizing your dealership, though! Take advantage of this space.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action

Every piece of online marketing content should have a strong call to action. Fortunately, Facebook allows you to actually choose from a number of CTA buttons.

You can think through the different options and decide which one is best for your dealership’s marketing goals—but generally, we find that dealerships fare best with the Call Now button. That’s doubly true if you have integrated your call tracking software to log these calls!

Make the Most of Facebook

There is much more we could say about using Facebook advantageously—for instance, we could note how vital it is to write a compelling business bio.

To learn more about effective Facebook marketing, your best bet is to speak directly with an expert. Reach out to Get My Auto today and ask our marketing pros about the best ways to use Facebook to grow your dealership’s reach!