Producing Relevant Content for Your Dealership

The Google search algorithms can seem mysterious…impenetrable, even. It’s perfectly normal to find them overwhelming, as there are hundreds of factors considered and the way those factors are weighted changes on a regular basis.

With that said, those who just want to know how to write good, SEO-effective content are in luck. Google’s engineers have stated time and again that there’s one factor more important than all of the others. That factor is relevance.

What does this mean, exactly? Simply put, Google wants to provide its customer base with a good product; that is, it wants to furnish search engine users with valuable information. As such, Google’s search algorithms honor content that provides a substantive answer to search queries. It’s that simple.

So as you try to write dealership content that ranks, whether that’s the content on your website or a dealership blog post, relevance is always what you should shoot for.

How to Achieve Relevant Content

Maybe that still sounds a little nebulous to you; here are some practical considerations you can keep in mind as you seek to write relevant content.

Write for the end user. In trying to game the system and appease Google’s search algorithms, it’s tempting to try to write with the search bots in mind. But remember, what the algorithms reward is content that helps the end user. So, if you simply write in a way that you think is valuable to actual, human readers, you’re probably going to be in pretty good shape.

Avoid gimmicks. Along the same lines, there’s no need to try silly SEO gimmicks. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself: Would I write this kind of content if Google didn’t exist? If the answer is no, then it’s probably not worth doing.

Don’t bait-and-switch. Another important point: Your content should always make good on its promises. If the title of your blog post is 5 Signs You Need an Oil Change, your content should list five signs it’s time for an oil change. Content that misleads will never be rated well for relevance.

Answer questions and provide value. At the end of the day, what you should be doing is providing real answers to the kinds of questions your buyers are asking; and, information that is substantive and accurate. Think about the kinds of questions people are asking as they visit your showroom and write content that addresses those queries in a thoughtful, valuable way.

Relevance is Key to Dealership SEO

It almost goes without saying that your dealership needs positive search rankings in order for it to remain competitive. Navigating Google’s algorithms may seem daunting, but here’s a simple way for you to achieve results: Focus on producing original content that’s truly relevant to the end user, using some of the strategies listed in this post.

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