5 Ways for Your Dealership to Improve its Local SEO

5 Ways for Your Dealership to Improve its Local SEO GetMyAuto

Here’s a simple, obvious truth: Your used car dealership isn’t going to succeed if nobody knows that it exists.

In today’s world, a business that lacks strong local search visibility may as well be non-existent. After all, today’s buyers use Google and Bing to locate nearby showrooms, to evaluate dealer reputations, and ultimately to decide not just what kind of car to buy, but where to buy it from. Without a strong Google presence, your dealership won’t be able to compete.

Thankfully, there is much you can do to improve your dealership’s search engine visibility. Here are some tips.

Increase Your Dealership’s Local SEO Presence

Get reviews.

Google rewards businesses that accrue a lot of consumer reviews; Facebook and Yelp reviews are important, but obviously feedback on Google is ideal. Place some signage in your dealership, encouraging buyers to leave you their feedback. Directly ask satisfied customers to leave a brief review and a five-star rating. And include links to your Google reviews profile on your dealership website.

Accrue citations.

Something else that helps with local search visibility is when your dealership shows up in local directories, Chamber of Commerce websites, etc. Often, you can claim these citations simply by asking; even if there is a small fee required, it can be well worth it. Make sure each citation includes accurate NAP information… that is, your business name, address, and phone number. Be sure to use your local number with area code, not a 1-800 number.

Start a GMB page.

Google My Business, or GMB, is a free Google service, allowing you to create a unique search profile for your dealership. A GMB listing is a local SEO essential, so make sure you claim your profile, if you haven’t already. Complete each section of the profile, upload some images of your dealership, and make sure you keep the hours of operation up to date. Also be sure your GMB page includes your NAP data, listed consistently with what’s in your directory citations and on your dealership website.

Fill out meta data.

This is low-hanging fruit, yet it’s amazing how many small businesses overlook it. In your website content management system, you should see a place where you can create a meta title and a meta description. Fill out both of these fields, including some good SEO keywords and geographic data. If you’re not sure how to generate meta data, just ask your Web developer.

Ensure positive UX.

We’ve blogged before about the importance of providing a positive website user experience. It’s critical on many levels, not least its local SEO importance. Be sure your dealership website has a clean and clear navigation structure; that your pages all load quickly; and that you present relevant information in a way that’s very easy to read and digest.

Any further questions about building a dealership website that generates results? We’d love to talk with you more about the SaaS website solutions that Get My Auto provides. Contact us today!

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