Why Local Search Should Be Your Dealership’s Top Priority

For auto dealerships, all search—all marketing—is local. That much is evident from a recent Dealer Marketing report, which notes that, in 2017, auto dealers and manufacturers spent more than $12.06 billion on local advertising.

Why Local Search Matters for Your Dealership

Why the big push for local? Simple: There are more than 16,700 new vehicle dealerships in the U.S. alone, to say nothing of used car dealerships—which means that, for your dealership to succeed, it has to stand out from the competition. And it’s especially important to outshine the local competition, winning the attention of qualified buyers in your immediate area.

According to the article, “59 percent of car buyers spend time online researching, trying to find the best deals, promotions, and incentives. Once they find the car they like, more than half of consumers will visit a dealership to test drive the vehicle and purchase in-store.”

In other words, establishing online visibility is the key to getting appointments set and driving foot traffic to your showroom. “Just think,” Dealer Marketing notes. “If a prospective customer can’t find your business via an online local search, how are they going to find you in 2018? Or worse, what if they get frustrated and choose to test drive—and likely purchase—somewhere else?”

Strategies for Boosting Local Search Visibility

But what practical steps can independent auto dealerships take to boost their own local search standing? Here are some basics:

  • Make sure you include your contact information on every page of your website. Specifically, include your NAP information—name, address, and phone number. The latter should include your local area code. Display this information consistently across your website.
  • Include some geographically specific keywords in your content, where appropriate; for example, if your dealership is in San Diego, California, you might include the city name somewhere in your meta description and naturally work it into your body content.
  • Try to get plenty of consumer reviews! Reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and especially Google can boost your search standings.
  • Also seek out citations from local directories or blogs. Even getting a link from the nearby Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce can boost your rankings.
  • Invest in high-quality content that will educate and inform your readers—keeping them on your website for longer. A business blog can be especially beneficial. Rich content, such as video, can also help.

Is Local Search Your Marketing Priority?

We’ll say it again: For used car dealerships, all search is local. Being easily discoverable among your local buyers—that’s the whole ball game. And it’s a lofty goal—but not an unattainable one.

To talk with our automotive marketing experts about boosting your local search standing, reach out to us today. Get My Auto is here to make your dealership more competitive, and that starts with local search. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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