5 Ways to Improve Your Dealership Website Today

5 Ways to Improve Your Dealership Website Today-GetMyAuto

More and more, used car dealerships live or die by the quality of their website. Your dealership website is a virtual showroom; it’s the first impression most consumers will ever have of your business. A good website results in phone calls to your dealership, and ultimately to appointments and visits. A bad website, meanwhile, just sends business to the competition.

There are certain steps any dealership marketing team can take to make its site more effective. Here are a few that you could implement today.

Make sure you have your contact information throughout the site.

NAP refers to name, address, and phone number—the basic contact information you should include throughout your website. In fact, we recommend including this information on every single page of your site. It helps with local SEO rankings, and it also makes it easier for buyers to reach out to you. Make sure you include it consistently—the same phone number and the same formatting for your address, throughout the site.

Hone your calls to action.

Just as every page of your website needs NAP information, every page also needs a strong call to action—one where you tell your buyers exactly what you want them to do. (Most of the time, this will be picking up the phone and calling you for an appointment.) Make sure each call to action is clear and concise, with just one thing for your readers to do; don’t overcomplicate things with a bunch of different options!

Write a new blog post.

Blogging can really make your dealership website more effective—and for a few different reasons. For one thing, regular content updates help with SEO. Just as significantly, though, your dealership can build thought leadership and cultivate trust. If you regularly blog on topics that your readers are concerned with—like vehicle financing or vehicle maintenance—it can help you win their confidence.

Revamp your content.

When a potential buyer arrives at your website, what does he or she learn about your dealership? More importantly, what benefits does he or she receive? That’s really what your website content should focus on: your buyers, and what’s in it for them. Could you better convey your value proposition? If so, then give your content a refresh today.

Get help from Get My Auto.

We have an upcoming platform—called KISS (Keep it Simple Sites) —that’s made especially for dealerships looking to design sleek, effective, conversion-ready sites. And even beyond that platform, we’re experts in helping auto dealers market themselves effectively—ultimately moving the sales needle in a favorable direction.

We’d love to talk with you about what we can do to improve your dealership website. Reach out to Get My Auto today, and let’s start that conversation!

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