2018 SEO Trends Your Dealership Should Know About

2018 SEO Trends Your Dealership Should Know About-GetMyAuto

Search engine optimization is something that every used car dealership should be concerned with, and for a simple reason: SEO determines how easy it is for interested customers to find your brand online. Without strong SEO, local shoppers won’t be very likely to locate your dealership website through a Google search, which means you could potentially lose a lot of business to your competition.

The challenge with SEO, of course, is that it’s always changing; technology evolves, and with it, so does the behavior of search engine users. One thing your dealership should do is simply keep up to date with the latest SEO trends. Here are four that we believe to be significant as we head into 2018.


Accelerated mobile pages, or AMP content, are pieces of online content that are coded to load quickly, especially on mobile devices. Because they offer fast access to the desired information, AMP sites are prioritized by Google.

When AMP was first launched, it was primarily offered to news venues—but it’s expanding, and we believe it will become more widely used in 2018. Dealerships will want to seize on this technology when they are able to.

Voice Search

The way in which people seek out online content is ever in flux. For example, by 2020, it is anticipated that a majority of Google searches will be done via voice—i.e. through services like Alexa and Siri.

This has implications for your dealership’s Web content development. It’s crucial to use long-tail keywords that reflect the conversational way search engine users input their queries. It’s also smart to present information in bulleted lists or in question and answer formats, wherever you’re able.

Localized Content

Search engine optimization is increasingly trending toward the local. For dealerships, this is especially noteworthy. After all, if you own a dealership in Orange County, it doesn’t especially matter whether your website is discovered by buyers in Vermont. What matters is connecting with the people who wish to buy automobiles right in your backyard.

In 2018, we predict that developing highly localized content will become more important than ever before, not least for independent auto dealerships.

AI and Machine Learning

Google employs machine learning to help it understand the content of your website, and to determine how valuable it is to human readers. This technology is getting much better as time goes by—and thus, harder to trick.

Simply put: It’s never been more important that your website offer a positive user experience, and plenty of good, valuable, high-quality content.

Planning Your 2018 SEO Efforts

Are you ready to tackle these SEO trends head-on? If you’re unsure of where the marketing landscape is headed, we urge you to call us. Get My Auto can provide you with support and assistance as you navigate these complexities.

Learn more about the state of SEO, and what it means for your dealership. Reach out to the automotive marketing pros at Get My Auto today.