Local SEO: 3 Things That Help (And 2 That Don’t)

Local SEO: 3 Things That Help (And 2 That Don’t) GetMyAuto

When it comes to online marketing, most used car dealerships have the same basic goal: They want to achieve higher visibility among local search engine users. That seems like a simple ambition, yet it’s easier said than done. The Google search algorithms are famously complicated, with many “ranking factors” that must all be taken into consideration.

Keeping track of which factors matter—and which don’t—can feel like a full-time job in and of itself, so today we’ll give you a cheat sheet: Three things that will definitely improve your local search results, and then two that won’t.

Three Things That Will Help with Local SEO

1. Reviews

Google’s algorithms reward businesses that are seen as valuable and relevant to local consumers—and one of the clearest signs of that is accumulating Google, Yelp, and Facebook reviews. (Positive reviews are especially valuable!) To put it simply, the more reviews you get, the better off your local search rankings will be.

2. Google My Business

You can start your own Google My Business account free of charge, then take just a few minutes to optimize it with appropriate keywords and other details. Google My Business is one of the ways in which Google’s algorithms collect information about your dealership, so it should go without saying that this is a weighty ranking factor. Make sure you have a Google My Business page, and that you keep it up to date.

3. Social media buzz

It’s always a good thing when people are hyping your brand. Chatter on social media is especially useful, so be sure to keep your social platforms updated. Spend time engaging with buyers who leave comments or questions. And, monitor mentions of your dealership—jumping into the conversation whenever you can!

Two Things That WON’T Help with Local SEO

1. Bought links

When you earn backlinks through compelling and valuable content, that’s a boon to your local visibility. Paying for links, however, is what’s called black hat SEO—meaning Google considers it to be cheating! This can actually hurt your rankings in the long run.

2. Inconsistent NAP information

Every time your dealership gets an online citation or directory listing, it’s important to provide NAP information—that is, your dealership name, address, and phone number. Be careful to present that information consistently, though. Don’t switch up and use different phone numbers or present your dealership name in different ways. (For instance, don’t call it Bargain Used Cars LA in one place and Bargain LA in another; don’t assume Google will be able to tell that these are the same business!)

Make the Most of Your Local SEO Opportunities

A local SEO campaign is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your used car dealership is found by buyers. Find out more about local search optimization and website creation by reaching out to Get My Auto. Ask us about dealership marketing opportunities today!

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