Who is the Best Local SEO Company for Automotive Marketing?


The automotive sales sector is increasingly competitive—and not just on a national level. Even in your neck of the woods, it’s more likely than not that countless dealerships are vying for market share, and that competition is becoming more cutthroat all the time.

In many ways, the growing importance of SEO has only compounded this competition. After all, the best way for dealerships to distinguish themselves—and to win the business of consumers—is to become highly ranked in local Google search queries, and Google’s “map pack,” in particular. But the map pack now has room for just three local dealerships—meaning that many are shut out altogether.

Making it into the map pack, or attaining stellar online visibility more generally, has never been harder, and it’s never been more important. That’s why many dealerships are reaching out to SEO companies, and in particular to those with automotive experience. The question is, which local SEO company is the best for automotive marketing?

Choosing the Best Local Search Company

There is much we could say to advise you on picking the best local SEO agency. Remember, above all else, that you’re looking for a good fit for your dealership, and that means interviewing some different companies and feeling out which one seems most capable of helping you reach your goals—all while respecting your budget.

Some additional tips we might offer include:

Ask about particular expertise in the automotive sector, which doesn’t necessarily behave the way other industries do. You don’t want a general SEO company, in other words. You want one that knows how to market car dealerships.
Ask about integrative marketing, and make sure the SEO company talks with you about many different aspects of its strategy—from on-site optimization to social media to PPC. A good SEO company will take a holistic, comprehensive approach.
Ask about pricing, too, and look for straightforward, upfront answers. Be skeptical of companies that refuse to be transparent about pricing.
Go with your gut! Remember that you’ll be working closely with your SEO company, and it is important that you like them and trust them. If you just have a bad feeling about it, move on to the next company on your list.
Finally, be sure to pay attention to the questions your SEO firm asks you. They should have an interest in your objectives and your long-term plans.

Picking the Best SEO Company for Your Dealership

We’ll close simply by noting that Get My Auto has years of experience in integrative marketing, and in local SEO in particular—and we work only with auto dealerships. We know this industry inside and out, and are ready to leverage our expertise to help you fulfill your goals.

Ready to learn more about local SEO effectiveness? We encourage you to contact Get My Auto today and arrange a consultation.

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