5 Things Successful Dealerships Do to Market Themselves

5 Things Successful Dealerships Do to Market Themselves GetMyAuto

What separates an effective dealership marketing strategy from a lackluster one? There’s no one answer to that question; a smart dealership marketing strategy is, by its very nature, diverse, holistic, and robust. There are several things that smart dealers do in terms of advertising and marketing—and here are five of the essentials.

What Do Smart Dealers Do to Market Their Brand?

They post their inventory on Craigslist.

Too many dealers mistakenly write off Craigslist as too old-school, too low on flash. Craigslist certainly isn’t as headline-grabbing as it used to be, but it remains an invaluable way to connect with local consumers who are ready to buy. Indeed, studies show that Craigslist leads are far more likely to turn into conversions—and to convert quickly—than leads gathered from any other source. You should absolutely be posting Craigslist ads, marketing both your inventory and your dealership more generally.

They invest in Facebook Ads.

Despite recent bad publicity, Facebook is still a great place to run targeted ads. No other social platform offers the same robust targeting features. When used correctly, these targeting tools can enable you to show your ads only to the desired audience, maximizing your bang for buck and generating conversions in the process.

They pair their Facebook ads with organic reach.

Ads are indispensable, but your Facebook strategy should also include organic content updates, allowing you to build brand loyalty and foster customer allegiance. Content marketing and paid ads, when used together harmoniously, can turn Facebook into a real profit center for your dealership.

They invest in good websites.

An effective website is essential for marketing your dealership and for converting traffic into paying customers. Indeed, square one is getting a website that’s fast-loading and responsive, built to convert but also optimized for SEO. You simply can’t do effective online marketing without a strong website.

They have an overall strategy that ties everything together.

Remember what we said about dealership marketing being holistic? Certainly, a good dealer marketing strategy uses all these different channels, but it also aligns them toward the same goals. Make sure your Craigslist, Facebook, and SEO strategies are working together, not against one another.

Get Smart About Your Dealership Marketing

Are you doing each of these five things to market and promote your used car dealership? If not, don’t panic. You can put together an effective dealer marketing strategy today, and you can do it with guidance from the trained automotive marketing professionals.

Get My Auto is here to help used car dealerships thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Learn more about the dealer marketing solutions we provide. Reach out to Get My Auto today.

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