Is Your Dealership Website Not Generating Leads? Here’s Why.

Is Your Dealership Website Not Generating Leads? Here’s Why.-GetMyAuto

Ideally, your used car dealership website functions as a 24/7 lead generating machine, prompting interested local buyers to call, email, or simply show up at your showroom ready to test drive some cars.

But of course, it doesn’t always work that way.

Despite your best intentions, your website may not be doing its job. The important thing is to figure out why, so that you can make the necessary fixes to your website strategy.

No Calls to Action

One potential reason your website is falling flat? You don’t have a clear, strong call to action on every single page.

You can’t just assume that website visitors will take the hint and call you up. If you want to spur action, you’ve got to come right out and say it—and that means writing a strong CTA, complete with a phone number or email address, on every piece of content you create.

No Lead Gen Forms

Another potential weakness with your website: It lacks any forms for users to input their information.

A good dealership website will include some forms for capturing the contact info of your visitors—for example, a box where users can sign up for email updates or for coupons. Lead gen forms, plugged into your CRM platform, can generate a steady stream of opportunities for your sales team.

Nothing to Generate Trust

When people buy used cars, they want to do so from a seller they have confidence in. For your website to generate leads, it needs to instill that confidence. There are a few ways of doing this:

  • Show off your testimonials, reviews, and Google star ratings
  • Write some blogs that prove your industry authority and expertise
  • Prominently feature information about warranties, guarantees, awards you’ve won, etc.
  • Above all, respect your readers by offering them clear information—not just marketing fluff

Poor User Experience

Another key aspect of lead generation? Giving your website visitors a positive user experience. UX has several key components:

  • Your site should load quickly—no more than 3-4 seconds total
  • There should be a clear navigation structure in place
  • Your content should be easy to read—use white space, bullet points, etc.
  • Video and images should enrich the content and improve the user experience
  • Avoid ads, especially pop-up ads, as much as possible

Missed SEO Opportunities

Finally, it’s possible that your website isn’t generating leads because it’s not visible enough. Good SEO is ultimately an asset for lead generation. Make sure:

  • You optimize for local keywords You prioritize UX (see above)
  • You provide regular content updates (such as blogs)
  • You share your website content on social media platforms
  • You actively seek online reviews
  • You gain citations from online directories and other authoritative sites

Make Your Website a Lead Gen Machine

Still have questions about generating leads through your dealership website? We’d love to talk you through them. Contact the marketing experts at Get My Auto for a full lead gen consultation!