10 Ways to Boost Organic Traffic to Your Dealership Website

10 Ways to Boost Organic Traffic to Your Dealership Website-GetMyAuto

There are various strategies for bringing traffic to your dealership website, including both paid and earned traffic. When we talk about paid traffic, we’re talking about PPC ads—an important part of your dealership marketing approach, but not what we’re focusing on today.

This post is all about earned, or organic traffic—the people you attract to your website through a focus on content marketing and SEO. It requires discipline and commitment to generate organic traffic, yet with a little patience and the right strategy, this can be a great way to boost your dealership website.

Boosting Organic Traffic to Your Dealership Website

So how, specifically, can you generate organic traffic for your used car website? Here are our top 10 recommendations.

  1. Make sure your page is mobile optimized. Google actively penalizes sites that are not mobile-ready—and besides, most consumers will be researching your dealership from their mobile devices anyway. Make the mobile version of your site the primary version of your site.
  2. Make your site fast. If it takes more than two or three seconds to load, you’re going to lose traffic. AMP technology can help you ensure optimal site performance.
  3. Make your site secure. Buyers want to see that their personal information is safe and sound when they visit your website—and Google wants to see this, too. Use SSL/https to keep your site secure.
  4. Optimize for local keywords. Sprinkle your content with terms like [City] used cars, [city] used car dealership, etc.
    Include plenty of photos and videos. Engaging content keeps people on your site for longer periods of time—an important SEO ranking factor. And thankfully, it’s easy to take plenty of pictures of your good-looking cars and trucks!
  5. Get referenced in local directories. Citations from local Chambers of Commerce and other professional directories can significantly boost your rankings.
  6. Write blogs. Regular content updates are key for maintaining your Google rankings. Write informative blog posts that educate your buyers about used car shopping, used car financing, used car maintenance, etc.
  7. Offer resources. In addition to blog posts, we recommend including some evergreen pages that your buyers can consult—information on some of the specific financing options you offer, warranty packages, etc.
  8. Be active on social media. Post regular content updates and ensure that your social media bios are all completely optimized.
  9. Get online reviews. Actively seek feedback and star ratings on Facebook, Google, and other online review platforms. Ask your satisfied buyers or recurring customers to spend a moment reviewing your dealership!

Get Traffic for Your Dealership Website

There are plenty of ways to generate traffic for your used car dealership website—and getting earned traffic is a good start. Use these tips to guide you—and for additional help with dealership marketing, contact the Get My Auto team today!

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