5 Goals for Your Used Car Dealership Website

5 Goals for Your Used Car Dealership Website GetMyAuto

These days, most used car dealerships have their own websites. The question is, is your dealership website doing everything it should?

More than a mere online placeholder, an effective website should accomplish several different tasks—building search engine visibility, educating potential leads, developing thought leadership, and ultimately setting appointments.

As you consider your used car dealership website, use this checklist to ensure it’s firing on all cylinders.

What Should Your Used Car Dealership Website Accomplish?

Your website should offer search engine visibility.

First and foremost, a good website makes it easier for potential customers to discover your business—and that means showing up in local searches.

Simply put, if your dealership can’t be discovered by potential auto buyers in your neighborhood, then it is as good as invisible.

Use both on-page and off-page optimization efforts to ensure that you get the local SEO traction you need.

Your website should educate buyers.

It’s also important for your dealership website to come packed with real, valuable information—ensuring that those visitors you draw in have all their questions answered.

The goal is that, when they call your dealership or come visit your showroom, they already have some sense of what they want, what makes your dealership unique, and what the next steps should be.

Know that you have the right content to produce well-informed buyers.

Your website should earn trust.

Along the same lines, your dealership website should make it easier for buyers to trust you.

There are a number of ways in which dealerships can earn trust—through reviews and ratings, through awards, through thought leadership (blogging), and beyond.

Make sure you have a website that earns you some credibility.

Your website should cast you as an industry authority.

It’s also important that your website display your expertise. Simply put, you want to come across as an authoritative and highly knowledgeable business within the used car space, ready and able to help potential buyers with any questions or concerns they may have.

Again, blogging is a great way to make that happen. Video content works, too. Remember to focus on educating buyers, not merely promoting your brand.

Finally, a good dealership website leads to appointments.

At the end of the day, what you really want is a dealerhip website that creates appointments.

This requires you to bring together all of the other elements we’ve mentioned here while also ensuring strong calls to action and easily accessible contact information on every page of your dealership website. And, you should be tracking the results of your online content, verifying that your site is doing what it should to get people to your showroom or used car lot.

Is Your Website Doing Everything It Should?

If your dealership website isn’t doing everything it should, that makes it imperative to make some revisions—or perhaps to launch a whole new site. Our website creation app makes it easy to get a site that accomplishes all of these goals. Reach out to Get My Auto to learn more!

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