Where to Get Blog Ideas for You Dealership

Where to Get Blog Ideas for You Dealership GetMyAuto

There’s a lot of merit to having a regularly-updated dealership blog. A blog can help you:

  • Establish thought leadership
  • Earn the trust of your customers
  • Achieve better SEO results
  • Educate and inform potential buyers
  • Subtly highlight the value your dealership offers

The hard part, of course, is finding fresh ideas for each new post. It’s important that each blog post be genuinely informative—not just an advertisement for your dealership. When your blogging is all about self-promotion, your readers will quickly lose interest, and you won’t reap any of the benefits we listed above.

Instead, each blog post should aim to provide real value to your buyers—going into detail about such topics as how to shop for the right car, how to finance a car, how to maintain a car, and so on.

Seeking Blog Topics for Your Dealership

But where can you turn for specific content inspiration? Here are some suggestions.

Your competition

It’s always a good idea to engage in a little business intelligence—checking to see what your competitors are blogging about and using that to jumpstart your own blogging endeavors. Be careful not to actually copy other posts, but feel free to use those posts for inspiration, and to give your own slant on the same topic.

Your customers

Your buyers can inspire your blogging efforts, too. Here, you’ll need to engage your sales reps. Ask them about some of the most common questions they receive, and some of the recurring obstacles or concerns. Use your blog to address those questions and concerns; that way, you know you’re writing about something your buyers have an interest in.

Industry websites

There are plenty of automotive websites out there, and those sites can provide you with some fresh ideas for content. Any time you see a helpful article about vehicle upkeep, for instance, that’s probably something you can spin into a topic for your own dealership blog.

Your old content

If you’ve been blogging for a while, take a stroll through the archives and see if there are any previous posts that seemed especially popular. Then, consider how you can recycle those posts, turning them into new content. Give an updated perspective, or simply come at the same topic from another angle.

Generate Content Your Buyers Will Love

Again, the important thing is that you use your dealership blog to produce content your buyers will really find to be valuable. As you seek strategies for effective blogging, make sure you pair them with your broader digital marketing approach.

That’s something our team of automotive marketing specialists can help you with. To schedule a marketing consultation with Get My Auto, reach out to us right now!

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