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If your car dealership only has the budget to maintain activity on one social platform, we’d probably recommend Facebook—but if you can swing a second one, consider Instagram.

The reason for this is really quite simple. Instagram is a platform that’s devoted to photos and videos—and cars are incredibly photogenic products. It’s not hard to make your inventory of beautiful vehicles look appealing, nor to generate attention through compelling video.

Getting Started with Instagram Ads

In addition to posting organic content to Instagram, though, we recommend that dealerships buy Instagram ads.

The Instagram Ads platform actually uses the Facebook Ads platform as its interface—so if you’ve ever had success with Facebook Ads, you should find it fairly simple to translate that into Instagram Ads success.

But even if paid social ads are entirely new to you, it’s possible to find great success in targeting buyers and winning their business through a well-crafted, strategic, paid post.

Tips for Instagram Ads Success

As you consider an Instagram Ads strategy, here are just a few strategic pointers to bear in mind.

  1. Let the image speak for itself. The star of your ad should always be the image itself. Make sure it’s attention-grabbing, but also relevant to your dealership. Again, pictures of cars usually work well, especially if you can take them in unexpected or out-of-the-ordinary locations.
  2. Write powerful ad copy. You have a tight character limit for your ad copy, and we recommend making the most of it with a really punchy call to action.
  3. Use buyer personas. You’ll have the most success—and get the most bang for your buck—if you target your ads to specific buyer demographics. Having buyer personas can be invaluable here.
  4. Bid judiciously. Remember that your bid is the maximum amount of money you’re willing to spend per display, not the actual amount you will pay. Bidding too little, meanwhile, runs the risk that your ad won’t be displayed at all.
  5. Track and test. As with any online advertising endeavor, it’s important to try different things—variations on your image, your ad copy, etc.—and to track what works and what doesn’t. Information is power, and it can help you hone the perfect ad for your dealership.
  6. Don’t neglect organic content. Paid ads and organic content work best when they work in tandem; make sure you’re not forsaking one for the other.

Are You Ready to Sell More Cars?

You can kick your Instagram advertising endeavor into high gear by consulting with a team of digital marketing professionals—and Get My Auto fits the bill. Not only are we experts in Instagram, but we work solely with dealerships—so we know what works and what doesn’t within this industry.

We’d love to talk with you about the power of Instagram. Start the conversation by reaching out to Get My Auto today.

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