Is Your Used Car Dealership Using YouTube?

Is Your Used Car Dealership Using YouTube-GetMyAuto

As you’re no doubt aware, Google is the biggest search engine in the world—but do you know which search engine ranks as #2? This may shock you, but the answer is YouTube. And, as online consumers increasingly favor video over other forms of content, YouTube’s market share is likely to expand further and further.

Video is a Natural Fit for Used Car Dealerships

This alone makes it a platform your used car dealership should consider. In addition, video content is a natural fit for the used car industry. Just think of the compelling ways in which you might use video:

  • Providing a tour of your showroom and highlighting current inventory
  • Showing some basics of vehicle maintenance or repair
  • Explaining some of the available options for financing

The bottom line: Video can humanize your dealership, earn buyer trust, and showcase your products in a way that’s fun and easily digestible.

Producing and Optimizing Your Videos

Creating videos to post on YouTube doesn’t require you to book a Hollywood movie studio; in fact, there’s plenty you can do with a simple iPhone and the most basic video editing software. (YouTube even offers its own, online video editing platform, if you want to start at square one.)

A key part of this process is optimizing your videos. Remember: YouTube isn’t just a content platform, but a search engine! Your videos won’t do you much good if they can’t be found by search engine users.

Some basic guidelines for YouTube SEO:

  1. Make sure you include keywords in the titles of your videos. Place your keywords toward the beginning of your title; for whatever reason, YouTube favors this form of keyword placement.
  2. Write a good video description, telling YouTube’s algorithms what your video content is about. Judicious keyword placement is a must! Also, summarize your video content without totally giving away all your key points.
  3. Include a call to action at the end of your video. Make it as specific as possible. Rather than asking viewers to leave a comment, give them a specific question or topic to comment on.
  4. Try to make your videos longer, whenever possible. YouTube wants to hold viewers’ attention for as long as possible, so the 8-15 minute range is the sweet spot!

One final tip: Remember that you’re not just selling cars. You’re selling your brand. Make sure your videos speak to the professionalism and trustworthiness of your dealership.

Get Started with YouTube Marketing

YouTube provides a number of opportunities for your dealership—but to take advantage of those opportunities, you may wish to work with marketing professionals.

Get My Auto partners exclusively with used car dealerships, and we can help you develop a plan to build a strong online presence—using YouTube along with other key platforms. Give us a call today, and let’s start the discussion about your dealership’s marketing plan!

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