Introducing Facebook BeBacks for Auto Dealers


Your dealership may be getting some good traffic to its website—but out of all your visitors, how many of them actually become paying customers? According to our data, only about two percent of dealership visits lead to immediate conversions.

So what happens to the rest of those visitors? Most of them continue their used car shopping elsewhere—checking other dealerships, comparing prices, looking for the best deals. Hopefully, they’ll be back to your dealership to make a purchase eventually—but there’s really nothing you can do to make that happen.

Or is there? Get My Auto is proud to introduce a new platform for dealership marketing, called Facebook BeBacks—a way to stay in touch with those shoppers who navigate away from your site, keeping your brand front and center in their minds.

What Are Facebook BeBacks?

Facebook BeBacks, with Dynamic VIN Technology, is a way to turn window shoppers into paying customers. Basically, when someone visits your dealership website and then leaves, Facebook BeBacks follow them across the Web, and display your inventory at opportune times—ensuring they don’t forget about your dealership at any stage of their buying journey.

What Makes BeBacks So Effective?

This tool works for a simple reason: It targets people who already know about your brand and have shown an interest in buying a vehicle—truly qualified leads—and it boosts your dealership’s name recognition and online visibility. It keeps your dealership present in the mind of these shoppers, delivering advanced targeting and repeat exposure—ensuring that you’re advertising just the right products to just the right consumers!

Why Should You Use Facebook BeBacks?

The simple reality is that today’s consumers are wired to shop around. They’re wired to do their due diligence, to compare different dealerships and brands. Immediate conversions are unlikely, but that doesn’t mean you have to just wait and hope for visitors to return to your website. Through Facebook BeBacks, you can actually stick with your leads and guide them through their consumer journey.

Get Facebook BeBacks from Get My Auto

This powerful retargeting program makes full use of Facebook’s proprietary tracking abilities, while also allowing your dealership to display ads that include a logo, dealership name, current inventory, discounts, promos, and more. The bottom line? It allows you to keep tabs on your leads, follow up, and establish your brand as the brand of choice in the minds of your valuable consumers.

This program is available exclusively from the dealership marketing experts at Get My Auto. Discover more. Contact us today to sign up for Facebook BeBacks!