Getting Started with Craigslist Marketing


One of the best ways to generate leads for your dealership is to post inventory on Craigslist. We encourage dealerships to get started with Craigslist sooner rather than later, yet we also understand that embracing a new marketing medium can be intimidating. Naturally, there will be some trial and error. To help you navigate this new channel, here are a few basic pointers and suggestions. As always, you can call Get My Auto’s Craigslist marketing pros with any specific questions.

Make a Plan—and Stick with It

Once you commit to a Craigslist endeavor, your first step—before you actually spend any money or compose any ads—is to make a basic plan. Here are a few key details you’ll want to nail down:

– Know who’s going to be in charge of logging into Craigslist and checking up on CRM leads.
– Make sure you have a way to record all incoming calls, and that you have someone appointed to listen to them.
– Outline the process for leads to be added to the CRM.
– Have a policy for how Craigslist leads will be followed up.
– Know how you will track Craigslist ROI, and your basic metrics for success.

These are all points to be clear on starting on day zero!

Optimize Your Listings

Once you’ve got the plan laid out, you’re ready to create and optimize your ads. The best and easiest way to do this is by downloading Get My Auto’s Craigslist Wizard app—but in the meantime, here are some basics.

– Remember that you’re not just selling the car, but also your dealership. Make sure each listing includes dealership accolades and “why buys.”
– Generally speaking, it’s best not to include price in your ads, unless you know your prices to be highly competitive.
– Remember that not every day is a good day to post a new Craigslist ad. Know your market!
– Also make sure you know your audience, and customize your language to appeal to them. Generic ad copy just doesn’t work.

Think Beyond Ads

Optimizing your ads will help ensure you actually get some calls from them—but that’s really just the first step. You also need a way to route leads, record calls, and follow up in a systematic way. Remember that Craigslist shoppers are usually ready to close quickly, so time really is of the essence.

In other words, Craigslist ads should be integrated into the sales cycle at your dealership. That’s why it’s so important to have a plan, as we outlined above.

Again, our Craigslist Wizard app can remove the guesswork from all of this; alternatively, calling our team could be your first step toward a robust, comprehensive Craigslist marketing strategy. Start the discussion today. Reach out to the dealership marketing experts at Get My Auto.