How Dealerships Blow it with Their Craigslist Ads


When done right, a Craigslist post can be an invaluable lead generator for your auto dealership. Of course, not all Craigslist ads are created equal. Without high-level strategy, your dealership’s Craigslist efforts can come up short—essentially just wasting money and diluting your online presence.

So how can you keep your Craigslist efforts on the straight and narrow? The first step is being aware of the most common errors. Here are a few you’ll want to avoid.

Being sloppy with your headlines.

The headlines you write for your ads shouldn’t be afterthoughts. In many ways, the headlines are the most critical part of your ads—because without good ones, you won’t get clicks and your ads won’t get read. A good headline should include the prominent selling points of the car; generally speaking, it’s best not to include price, unless you are sure your prices beat all the competition.

Selling cars without selling your dealership.

Remember that your ads aren’t only about the car in question, but about your dealership more broadly. Someone may see the ad and have little interest in the vehicle itself, but perhaps they’ll be attracted to your dealership, calling you to ask about further inventory. Your ads should convey trust and authority, helping facilitate these transactions. Above all, they should sell a brand—not just a product.

Posting haphazardly.

When should you post? What days and times are best? The only way you’ll know for sure is to keep tabs on which of your posts fare the best, and draw your own conclusions. We can say, generally, that posting between 10 AM and noon on weekdays tends to be the best bet. Early morning posts are best if you’re going to post on the weekend.

Posting the wrong vehicles for your market.

If you’re selling in big-city Miami, a pickup truck may not be the best fit; likewise, if you’re in rural Montana, a sporty convertible might not make sense. Always make sure your ads are targeted to your area and to your audience.

Failing to track sales.

Do you have a proper call-tracking system in place, ensuring you never lose a lead? That’s a high priority for any Craigslist marketing activity.

Not automating the process.

With the Craigslist Wizard app from Get My Auto, you can quickly and easily format posts to be as compelling and as effective as possible. We invite you to get the app today!

And while you’re at it, give our team a call. We’re marketing professionals who specialize in independent auto dealerships—and we’re especially passionate about helping with Craigslist ads. To learn more, reach out to the team at Get My Auto today.

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