Finding the Right Marketing Company for Your Used Car Dealership

Finding the Right Marketing Company for Your Used Car Dealership-GetMyAuto

Before purchasing a new or used vehicle, buyers do plenty of online research. They watch videos, they read reviews, they compare prices, and they consult with safety ratings before they ever commit to visiting a dealership, let alone buying a car.

In the same way, it’s important for your dealership to do its due diligence before choosing a marketing partner. After all, a lot of companies claim to help you grow your dealership through savvy online advertising—but not all of these companies are created equal. The question is, how do you choose the best marketing partner to meet your needs?

An Integrative Marketing Approach

First and foremost, seek a marketing company that takes a holistic approach. You don’t merely need search engine optimization, or social media, or Craigslist; you need all of these channels and more, united and aligned toward the same marketing objectives.

Seek a company that will offer you a big-picture view, and help you grow your dealership by using all the marketing opportunities at your disposal.

Technology and Tools

It’s also wise to look for a marketing company that has the tools and technologies you require to automate your approach, and to market your dealership as efficiently as possible.

Get My Auto, for example, is a technology company as much as it is a marketing firm, and we’ve developed tools like our website creation platform and Craigslist ads generator to help our clients be truly efficient in their marketing activities.

Custom Marketing Solutions

All dealerships are different, and what works for your competitors may not work as well for you. Be wary of any marketing company that offers a cookie-cutter approach; customized solutions are preferable.

Make sure your marketing company gets to know your dealership’s unique value proposition, its marketing objectives, and its budgetary restrictions. Don’t settle for anything less than a tailored marketing plan.

Data and Results

Every marketing firm claims that it can deliver results—but how many of them can actually prove it?

Look for a marketing company that’s committed to data transparency. Get My Auto provides dealerships with regular updates in the form of data and analytics, proving to you that we’re generating value and moving the sales needle on your behalf.

A Focus on Auto Dealerships

A final note: Don’t settle for a generalist when you could have a specialist. Used car dealerships have unique business models and particular marketing challenges. You’re better off with a firm that really understands this, and has expertise concerning used car dealerships.

Get My Auto provides marketing services exclusively for used car dealerships. We know the industry inside and out and can provide you with a tailored approach that will turn your used car dealership into a real profit center.

Learn more about the things that help Get My Auto to stand out. Reach out to us today and request a consultation!

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