What Your Dealership Should Know About Electric Car Trends


Electric cars are becoming more popular all the time.

There are several factors that contribute to this. One is that electric car prices are falling. A second is that government incentives make electric vehicles even more affordable. And in addition to all of that, increased environmental awareness makes consumers eager to curb their reliance on fossil fuel.

Electric cars are also getting better—more powerful, more practical, more innovative. No matter how you slice it, the market for electric cars is looking better and better. Even so, it might surprise you to learn exactly who is showing an interest in electric vehicles.

Who’s Looking for Electric Cars?

A recent Dealer Marketing post looks at recent Google search data for the term “electric cars”—and the findings are noteworthy.

For example: Hawaii, which has notoriously high gas prices, boasts the most electric car searches of any state. Washington, California, and Oregon all trail close behind it.

Orange County residents may be especially interested in unpacking the California data. The article notes that, in California, “the popularity of the keyword has fluctuated greatly from No. 1 in 2016 to as high as 48 in 2010, but has remained in the top five since 2012.”

Who’s NOT Looking for Electric Cars?

On the flipside, there are some places where interest in electric vehicle ownership is simply very low.

Virginia, New York, Louisiana, Mississippi, and West Virginia, for instances, are all states that register consistently low search volume for electric cars. There are many other states where interest ebbs and flows, fluctuating significantly over time.

What This Means for Your Dealership Marketing

This data can be helpful to dealerships who might want to know how heavily they should be marketing their electric car offerings—if they want to market them at all.

Even beyond this search data, however, it’s worth noting that things really are looking promising for the electric car market—with overall U.S. sales just climbing higher and higher.

Steady Google search trends suggest a sustained interest in electric vehicles—not just a passing fancy. As prices continue to come down, that interest will likely become more pronounced—and contribute to stronger and stronger sales.

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