Think Twice Before Boosting Your Dealership’s Facebook Posts

When you post to Facebook from your dealership account, you’ll have the option to “boost” your posts—basically helping you get more views and greater reach for the post in question. On the surface, this might seem like a great way to advertise your dealership. And it’s true: There are some real benefits to boosting your posts. With that said, there are also some significant drawbacks to this practice—enough that we actually don’t recommend you use the boost post feature. In this blog, we’ll try to explain why.

What Happens When You Boost a Facebook Post?

For starters, let’s consider what actually happens when you hit that “boost” button. Basically, this function was rolled out so that business owners can advertise without ever having to leave their Facebook page—that is, without having to actually go into the Facebook Ads control panel to fine-tune their campaign.

As such, boosting posts is certainly easy and quick. You can start getting more views on your post more or less right away. The downside is, you’re also sacrificing a lot of the customization and functionality that Facebook offers—so while it’s an easy route to take, it’s by no means the most effective way to advertise on Facebook. In fact, it can really be a waste of money.

When you boost a post, you get four basic choices to make—choosing your CTA, your audience, your budget, and the duration of your campaign. But when you actually use the Facebook Ads dashboard, those four options expand into something like 30—offering you much greater control over your campaign.

What You CAN’T Do When You Boost Posts

There are a lot of options that your Facebook Ads control panel gives you that simply boosting posts will not. Here are just a few of them:

-Retargeting your website traffic
– Creating “lookalike audiences” to expand your Facebook reach
-Preventing people who have already taken the desired action from seeing the post again (something that can save a ton of money)

Your options are really hampered, whereas actually creating a new ad campaign in the Facebook Ads platform allows you to go much deeper and to create a much more effective and affordable campaign.

So Why Do So Many Business Owners Still Boost Posts?

Still, the reality is that boosting posts is pretty easy, even for the Facebook Ads novice. Using the full Ads Manager is a better option, but it requires a higher level of knowledge and strategy.

But lack of knowledge shouldn’t keep you from using Facebook Ads to its full potential—not when you have Get My Auto on your side. We have unparalleled experience in running effective Facebook Ads campaigns for dealerships—and we can deliver real results for your dealership, far more than what boosted posts can offer.

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