4 Things to Know Before Posting Craigslist Ads

Believe it or not, independent auto dealers can make a killing by posting ads to Craigslist. We’re forever saying that this is the most overlooked, least understood of all dealer marketing tools, and that dealers ignore it at their own risk. However, simply posting an ad to Craigslist does not guarantee results. You also have to practice strategy and discipline—but what does that mean, exactly? We’ll point you in the right direction. Here are four things every dealer should keep in mind before posting an ad to Craigslist.

The Craigslist Marketing Basics

Know When to Post

Timing is everything, and not all days are equally suited for Craigslist posts. The best time to post an ad to Craigslist is during the “break period” of the work day—that is, between 10 in the morning and noon, Monday through Friday. For weekend posts, mornings are usually the best time to post. That way, you can catch any buyers who are starting their day with a quick Craigslist check before rushing out to do errands.

Know How to Track Calls

Simply put, Craigslist postings aren’t worth much if you can’t follow up on the leads you receive. Make sure you can call or text the people who show an interest in your inventory. To do this, you’ll need to have a proper call tracking system in place, and integrated with your Craigslist activity.

Know Which Vehicles to Post

You don’t necessarily want to post a Craigslist entry for every vehicle in your showroom or on your lot. Rather, you want to look back at existing sales data to determine which cars or trucks are most likely to sell quickly. Knowing your audience is also crucial. If you sell mostly to families, your Craigslist posts should focus more on minivans and crossovers than on sporty convertibles, generally speaking.

Know to Be Consistent

Finally, understand that, with Craigslist posts, consistency goes a long way. Research confirms time and time again that the best way to do well with Craigslist ads is to post daily. Of course, that requires a commitment. A good way to stay on top of your Craigslist posts is to invest in an automation program—something Get My Auto can help you with.

Make the Most Out of Craigslist Posts

Indeed, Craigslist advertising is one of the things we excel at—and we’d love to leverage our expertise on your behalf. To learn more about how effective Craigslist can be for your independent auto dealership, we encourage you to contact Get My Auto right away!