4 Reasons Your Craigslist Ad Isn’t Getting Results

4 Reasons Your Craigslist Ad Isn’t Getting Results GetMyAuto

For used car dealerships, Craigslist can be an invaluable tool—but only when it’s leveraged correctly.

Consider some of the facts about Craigslist:

  • It’s one of the best, most direct ways to connect with used car buyers in your area.
  • The average Craigslist buyer is more motivated to close quickly than buyers on any other platform.
  • Additionally, Craigslist buyers are willing to spend more, on average, than other buyers are.

The chance to connect with motivated local buyers who are ready to close now and don’t mind paying a competitive rate? That’s something no dealership should take for granted. Yet it’s not enough to just be present on Craigslist. It’s also critical to actually invest some time in crafting compelling ad content.

At Get My Auto, we see a lot of dealer Craigslist ads that don’t seem to go anywhere or connect with anyone—and there are a few common reasons why they fall short.

If your dealership’s Craigslist ads aren’t connecting, it’s likely for one of these reasons.

4 Reasons Why Your Ads Aren’t Connecting

  1. You have insufficient detail in the title. A lot of dealerships try to go for short, catchy titles—“Get a hot deal on a MINT CONDITION Ford!” The problem with an ad title like that is that it doesn’t include the year or the model. As such, it doesn’t show up in as many searches as it might; for instance, some buyers may be searching exclusively for the term Escape, not Ford. Make sure your title offers complete information about exactly what you’re selling.
  2. You have insufficient detail in the ad itself. Along the same lines, a lot of buyers are going to be turned off when they open your ad and find that there’s not much information about the actual vehicle. It’s not enough for them to know the year, make, and model. They also want to know the trim. The mileage. What kind of engine is under the hood. Some other key specs. Not only do these details help you inform your buyer, but it also provides you with meaningful keyword opportunities.
  3. You don’t know how to type. We’re being cheeky with this one—but in all seriousness: We see so many ads that feature long, rambling run-on sentences, impenetrable paragraphs, and ALL CAPS formatting. Remember that a good ad is easy for potential buyers to skim and to read. It’s not just the content that matters, but the formatting and style you apply.
  4. You don’t brand your dealership. Selling a used Honda Civic? Well, so are a lot of other people. The question is, why should people buy their Civic from your dealership? Make sure you include a line or two about the things that make your business unique— whether it’s your award-winning customer service, transparent pricing, robust financing department, or whatever else.

These are just some of the potential reasons why a Craigslist ad may not be doing its job, but as you can tell, all of these issues can be corrected. Learn more by contacting Get My Auto and asking about our Craigslist automation software.

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