Orange County Car Auction Locations

If you live in Orange County, then you must know that there’s more than one way to buy a pre-owned vehicle. You can always buy directly from a used car dealer, of course; ultimately, this is what we most heartily and unreservedly recommend. Sometimes new car dealerships will have a used inventory, as well. It never hurts to call and check! And sites like Craigslist make it possible to purchase a pre-owned vehicle directly from a private seller.

Still another option: Buying from an auction. Fortunately for those who live in Southern California, Orange County has plenty of auction sites to choose from. In this post, we’ll show you where you can find that auction information, and also offer some general used car auction tips.

Used Car Auctions in Orange County

There are always used car auctions happening in California. The trick is staying on top of them! For those looking for the latest listings, here are just a few resources that we recommend:

Auto Auctions California. This site provides listings for both regular and limited auction events throughout the state.

Ken Porter Auctions. This site provides thorough listings for various police auctions, including some online ones; not all feature vehicles, but many do.

South County Cars. This site has some good information about various auctions, including those in and around Orange County.

There are more sites you can find just through online search, but these three should make it pretty clear: For those seeking car auctions in Orange County, then rest assure that this Orange County is a “Car Country” area always has plenty to offer!

Tips for Attending a Car Auction

Now, if you’ve never actually attended a car auction before, you may not know quite what to expect. Here are a few tips and guidelines that can make your auction experience more pleasant—and more fruitful.

Know what kind of auction you’re attending. While some auctions are open to the general public, others are for dealers only; make sure you study up on the particular auction you plan to attend.

Find out whether vehicles have been pre-inspected. Will the cars up for auction meet some basic threshold of quality? It just depends on the auction. Again, do your homework and know what to expect.

Show up early. By arriving well before the auction begins, you will have more time to actually look over the different cars and see what kind of condition they’re in—and which ones might be of interest to you.

Bring along an auto expert. If you happen to have a mechanic friend, or just someone you know who is really into cars, you can bring them along to help you conduct a visual inspection and ensure you’re bidding on a decent vehicle.

Don’t be deceived by external appearance. Just because a car looks pretty, that doesn’t mean it’ll run pretty! Inspect the interiors, under the hood—everywhere you can.

The bottom line: Auctions are always going to be hit-and-miss, but they can certainly be worth attending. To learn more about the best ways to shop for used cars, visit Get My Auto.