Maximizing Trade-In Value Assessments with Get My Auto’s VIN+ Solution

Maximizing Trade-In Value Assessments with Get My Auto's VIN+ Solution- Get My Auto

For auto dealerships, accurately determining the value of trade-in vehicles is paramount. This ensures that the dealership can offer the most competitive price, reflecting the true worth of the car. To streamline this process, Get My Auto introduces VIN+, a cutting-edge software tool designed to simplify and enhance vehicle appraisals. With collaborations spanning from Carfax to Kelley Blue Book, VIN+ delivers real-time, comprehensive vehicle data, enabling dealerships to confidently assess any car’s value.

Spotlight on VIN+ Features:

Dive into the innovative features that set our vehicle valuation software apart:

Efficient VIN Capture and Web Extension:

Forget manual VIN entry. VIN+ facilitates rapid VIN scanning, allowing multiple VIN captures simultaneously. Once scanned, save the VIN for a detailed assessment later. For dealerships that source vehicles online, the VIN+ browser extension is a game-changer, enabling instant car evaluations with a mere click.

Precise Vehicle Assessment and Enhanced Trim Identification:

Leveraging partnerships with industry giants like KBB and Manheim, dealers can access current and precise vehicle details, with options to save or print the appraisal data. If a car hasn’t been evaluated recently, a single click updates its valuation, ensuring dealers always have the latest market pricing insights. A standout feature is the Advanced Trim Decoder, positioning VIN+ as the top choice in vehicle appraisal software.

Seamless Inventory Integration:

VIN+ shines with its cross-platform inventory functionality, granting dealers instant access to details of previously appraised vehicles, be it on mobile or desktop. The Inventory Insight Tool further enhances the experience, letting dealers monitor Vehicle Images, Pricing, and Display Data from any synced browser or device.

Experience VIN+ in Action:

Discover the unparalleled capabilities of VIN+. Schedule a demo and witness firsthand the simplicity and efficiency of our vehicle appraisal tool.

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