10 Tips for More Effective Sales Calls

10 Tips for More Effective Sales Calls GetMyAuto

One of the core functions of the independent auto sales rep is to follow up with leads. When you receive information from an interested buyer—via your website, a social media platform, or even a Craigslist post—it’s vital to make a follow-up call as quickly as possible. How you handle that follow-up call could ultimately make or break this sales opportunity.
In this post, we’ll outline 10 guidelines for making each sales follow-up call count.

How to Make Sales Follow-Up Calls More Effective

  1. Pre-plan your calls. Even if you just spend a couple of minutes collecting your thoughts and mapping out some basic points, preparation is key. Don’t make follow-up calls that aren’t pre-planned.
  2. Know your objective. Why are you calling this person? To collect information? To instill in them a sense of urgency in visiting your dealership? Always know your goal before making a call.
  3. Be up-front. Start each phone conversation by stating the reason for your call. Let your lead know exactly why you’re ringing them up.
  4. Gather information. Remember, you don’t sell cars over the phone—you sell appointments. And one of the best ways to get to an appointment is to be vigilant in collecting information—as much information as possible!
  5. Remember, you’re not just selling cars. You’re selling your dealership. Always make sure you offer a couple of reasons for your lead to consider your brand over the competition.
  6. If you leave a voice mail… make sure you keep it brief, but also emphasize a couple of key reasons why the person should call you back.
  7. Be personal. Use the customer’s name throughout your call.
  8. Don’t talk the whole time. Instead, ask questions and listen. Remember, a big reason for calling is to gather information. You can’t do that if you’re running your mouth the whole time, dominating the conversation.
  9. Don’t leave people on hold. Even if you have to gather information on the fly, try not to leave anyone on hold for more than half a minute. The last thing you want is for a lead to hang up on you because you keep them waiting too long!
  10. Always move the conversation toward an appointment. Nudge your lead toward coming down to the dealership to talk some more. Ask, “Can you come in now, or later?”

Learn to Ace Your Phone Follow-Ups

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