Top Features of a Modern Auto Dealer Management System (DMS)

Managing an auto dealership is a complex, multi-faceted affair. Some of the vital considerations include marketing, financing, inventory management, and customer outreach, just to name a few. While some dealers may try to handle these tasks on their own, a more efficient approach is to implement dealer management software, also known as DMS.
A good DMS solution will help auto dealers to automate all of their day-to-day functions, ensuring more expeditious results. And, it provides options for all of these functions to be harmonized, working toward the same goals and from shared data points.
As dealers look for the best software options, they’ll find that there are a number of options. However, not all dealer management systems are created equal. In searching for the best DMS, dealers should prioritize the following features.

Essential Features of Robust Dealer Management Software

Easy Deployment
The best dealer management tools won’t take weeks to implement. Instead, they can be launched fairly quickly and easily, without the need for a massive hardware upgrade. The best bet is to get cloud-based DMS, the ultimate in nimbleness and efficiency.
More specifically, the cloud-based technology you select should always be:

● Reliable (e.g., virtually no down time)
● Accessible 24/7
● Fast
● Secure
● Responsive
● Equipped with clean, intuitive UX
● Subject to constant, ongoing improvements
Credit History Verification
One of the most important functions of any dealership’s finance desk is to check the credit history of potential borrowers. Good DMS will provide a seamless way to run credit checks with the major platforms, namely Experian, Equifax, and Transunion.
Financing Calculations
To empower your financing team to make smart choices about loan and lease packages, and to guide buyers in informed decision-making, having software that does financing calculations is a must.
In-House Financing
Robust dealer management software can empower dealerships to offer their own, internal financing options, without the need to point buyers toward third-party lenders. In other words, DMS can turn any dealership into a buy-here, pay-here (BHPH) dealership.
Inventory Management
One of the toughest aspects of running an auto dealership is keeping track of what’s currentlyon the lot. Inventory management tools are imperative and should come standard with any worthwhile DMS platform.
Third Party Integration
Dealer software packages should also provide easy integration with important vendors such asKelly Blue Book, CarFax, AutoCheck, and beyond.
Customer Management
Need tools to keep track of customer histories? Or to maintain contact records of potential lenders? Instead of buying a separate customer relationship management (CRM), look for DMS that offers full CRM functionality already built in.
Need a bird’s eye view of how the dealership is performing? Look for dealer management systems that can provide comprehensive reporting and actionable analytics. Ideally, your DMS will offer custom reporting, allowing you to zero in on the metrics that matter the most to you.
A good dealer management system will make it easy to print off any relevant contracts and forms. DMV forms are the most obvious example.
Dealers should also look for software solutions that can generate comprehensive window stickers, featuring data such as equipment information and vehicle price.
Marketing Tools
A good DMS will also offer an integrative approach to marketing, making it easy to leverage third-party sites such as, CarGurus, Carsforsale, Facebook, and Craigslist Advertising.

How Get My Auto Raises the Bar for Dealer Software Solutions

Ultimately, an effective DMS solution must unite a range of different tools and technologies. For truly comprehensive, all-in-one solutions, more and more independent auto dealers choose Get My Auto.
Get My Auto has long been the leader in dealer CRM solutions. And with their recent purchase of AutoXplorer, Get My Auto has been able to synthesize that CRM with the DMS+ package they were already building. As a result, Get My Auto now offers the ultimate dealership software solution, including all of the features listed in this article. What’s more, dealers can quickly and conveniently access this full list of features from a single window.

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