The Secrets of Successful Used Car Sales Pros

The Secrets of Successful Used Car Sales Pros GetMyAuto

There is no magic formula for selling used cars—no replacement for hard work and sound strategy.

There are, however, some basic premises that all successful sales pros share—some attitudes that can enhance your ability to connect and ultimately to convert.

Here are just a few of those attitudes.

It’s not about you.

If you bring your own agenda to the table, you’re bound to lose. That’s because each customer has their own needs, their own wants—for that matter, their own budget. Get to know them and what they want, rather than imposing your own goals or values.

Be a good listener.

To make that happen, of course, you’re going to need to listen more than you talk. Giving a big, long sales monologue may cause your customer to distrust you—so instead relax and let them do some of the talking.

Think about their back story.

By listening closely, you may learn some important things about where your customer is coming from. If he or she mentions that they have a new baby on the way, for instance, you immediately know they want something that’s spacious and also safe. Always be thinking about back story, reading the situation and adapting in kind.

Try not to leave space for negative responses.

When you ask questions, try not to leave any room for the customer to give you a negative response. Here’s an example: “Can I help you today?” is a bad way to start a conversation, because the person can tell you they’re just browsing—and immediately, you’re shut down. Instead, ask for their name; give them yours; spend some time getting to know them, all the while guiding the conversation forward.

Know what you’re talking about.

It goes without saying that used car sales pros have to know their inventory inside and out—and on the off chance that someone asks you something you don’t know, at least be ready to quickly ask the right person at your dealership for an assist. Nothing loses sales quicker than a sales pro who seems to be floundering.

Be patient.

Finally, just remember that some sales are going to take some time to nurture. You may not close the deal on this visit, and that’s okay; just do your best to collect information and then follow-up with the customer later.

The bottom line? Anyone can be a successful car salesman, so long as they put in the hustle and use the right approach. We hope this little road map is instructive in that regard.

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