Get My Auto Introduces VIN+: Vehicle Appraisal & Inventory Management for Auto Dealers

One of the most critical tasks for auto dealers is properly assessing the value of trade-in vehicles. It’s only by knowing the full worth of a car that dealers can make the most judicious offer and arrive at the most accurate pricing.

To help dealerships with this critical task, Get My Auto is pleased to announce VIN+, a software solution that makes it easier than ever to appraise vehicles. With partners ranging from Carfax to Kelley Blue Book, VIN+ provides simple, up-to-date, and comprehensive vehicle histories, meaning your dealership can quickly ascertain the value of any vehicle at any time.


About Our Auto Appraisal Software

Here are just some of the features we offer with our appraisal management software.

VIN Scanning and Browser Extension

Looking to do a quick, on-the-go appraisal? With our auto appraisal software, there’s no need for you to type out the entire VIN code. Instead, VIN+ allows you to quickly scan VINs for quick decoding, even letting you scan a number of VINs at a time. After scanning a VIN code, you can save it to perform a more thorough appraisal later on.

Additionally, VIN+ offers an online browser extension, perfect for allowing dealerships who buy cars online to evaluate cars with a single click.


Vehicle Valuation and Advanced Trim Decoder

With partners including KBB and Manheim, auto dealers can find accurate and updated information about any vehicle, easily saving and printing the information for an appraised vehicle.

And, if it’s been a while since a vehicle has been appraised, dealers can get an updated valuation with a single click, ensuring they always have up-to-date market pricing data.

Our auto appraisal software even provides pricing information related to different trim levels. The Advanced Trim Decoder is a standout feature that puts VIN+ way ahead of all competitors.


Easy Inventory Access

Finally, VIN+ excels by offering a cross platform inventory tool. This allows dealers to quickly access information about any of the vehicles they’ve appraised, whether from their phone or their desktop.

Additionally, our Inventory Insight Tool allows dealers to track the Vehicles Images, Pricing, and Display Information from any connected browser or device.


Curious About Our Appraisal Management Software? Request a Quote

See for yourself what makes VIN+ unique. Request a demo today and experience the ease with which you can appraise any vehicle.

With more general questions about our appraisal management software, or any other Get My Auto offering, reach out to us directly.