Best Car Dealer Software Tools & Solutions for 2023

Running a successful auto dealership is more complicated than people think. The clichéd picture of the auto dealer is someone who sits in an office waiting for passerby who can be talked into a new sedan, SUV, or pickup truck. The reality is far more multifaceted, encompassing marketing, advertising, inventory management, financing, customer relations, and more.

These tasks are really too much for any dealership manager to handle on their own. One way to lighten the load is by investing in car dealer software solutions. Since its inception, Get My Auto has been at the forefront of dealer software tools, providing a full assortment of cutting-edge solutions designed with dealers in mind.

As you consider investing in dealer software for 2023, we invite you to examine the diverse lineup of products included in the Get My Auto catalog.

DMS (Dealer Management System)

Our flagship product is called DMS+: An industry-leading, cloud-based ecosystem that provides dealers with easy access to a comprehensive array of tech solutions. The real benefit of DMS+ is that it provides a long list of tools that are all available in one single, centralized platform. In other words, dealers can access all the software solutions they need without having to toggle back and forth between different apps or programs.

What can you expect from DMS+? Everything you need to run your dealership smoothly, ready and at your fingertips. Here’s a partial list of what’s included in DMS+.


Get everything you need to desk, all available in one clean, convenient location. Quickly and easily provide your customers with information about their down and monthly payment options. Get an ideal payment structure, based on factors such as the down payment, interest rate, and more. Manage multiple trade-ins, as well as insurance and gap contracts. DMS+ desking options even include support for deferred down payments and BHPH deals.

Contracts & Forms

In addition to desking tools, DMS+ also allows you to easily print all Reynolds & Reynolds and Bankers forms that are relevant to your state. There’s never been a more seamless or convenient way to print the forms you need for each transaction. There are no forms or special printers needed; just sync up your normal laser printer and you’ll be in business. Also note that DMS+ supports custom forms. All you have to do is tell us what you need, and the GMA team can make it happen.

Credit Services

DMS+ also provides your dealership with a full battery of credit bureau and compliance services. You’ll be able to run credit checks with all the major credit bureaus, specifically
Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. Credit and compliance services are also included. And, soft pulls are available with the click of a button.

Lender Integrations

DMS+ provides access to nearly every automotive lender with the simple click of a button.
Submit full deals, eliminate double entries, and access eFax technology to get your lending deals hammered out as quickly as possible.

Titling and Temp Tags

As an independent dealer, you can also use DMS+ to process electronic titling and registration requests, request temp tags, and more.


You can use DMS+ to provide your customers with BHPH features, which allows you to offer financing options even for buyers who have shaky or non-existent credit histories.


DMS+ comes with an array of built-in accounting features, including easy integration with QuickBooks.

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Dealership

The bottom line? DMS+ provides an entire suite of tools to help you run your dealership smoothly, and to enhance the buying experience for your customers. And, it offers all of those tools in a single, integrative platform. No wonder it’s considered to be absolutely top-of-the-line software for independent dealerships across the country.


Get My Auto isn’t the only company to provide dealerships with a customer relationship management tool. However, we are the only company to provide a full-tunnel approach, uniting powerful marketing and sales tools to drive scalable dealership growth.

There are a number of perks and features that set our CRM head and shoulders above the rest.
Here are just a few examples.

Easy Importing

Our CRM allows you to automatically import leads from diverse sources, complete with relevant attribution information, consolidating them in an easy-to-access, centralized location.

Lead Distribution

Get My Auto’s CRM also provides an option to distribute leads manually, on a first-come first-serve basis, or according to round-robin rules. We also include workflows enabling reps to easily receive and follow up on all leads via phone, text, or email.

Road to a Sale

One of our most unique and valuable features, Road to a Sale provides a snapshot into the sales process, allowing you to get a quick summary of how many deals your sales reps are expected to close within a given timeframe.

Built-In Communication

Our CRM makes it easy to stay in touch with leads via a built-in phone system, along with powerful single-click calling features. Integrated emailing and text messaging are also included.

Contact Management

Don’t worry about losing track of customer details. With our contact management features, all of your customer information is stored securely and accessibly, simplifying data-sharing among individuals and teams.

Nimble and Accessible CRM

These features just scratch the surface of what our CRM can do, and we haven’t even mentioned how they’re all available on-the-go via a sleek, intuitive mobile app. As you consider CRM options for your dealership, make sure you keep Get My Auto in mind.

VMS (Vehicle Marketing System)

In order for your dealership to close sales, you’ll first need to market your vehicles to the right buyers. Get My Auto is pleased to provide a robust VMS system, equipped with a range of tools and capabilities. Specifically, our VMS offers dealer website tools, Craigslist management, social media solutions, and beyond.

Dealer Websites

Your auto dealership needs a website that will generate traffic, calls, texts, and ultimately conversions. At Get My Auto, we’re ready to provide exactly that. Our websites are designed to be traffic magnets, but also to help convert hits into actual, paying customers.

To succeed, your dealership needs to gain awareness among local customers who are actually looking to buy a vehicle. Get My Auto’s websites are designed to attract those people, and to guide them through your sales funnel. Our sleek, responsive websites really get results: In fact, dealers who switch to Get My Auto average a 212 percent increase in their lead volume.

Some additional advantages of our dealer website solutions include:

● Get My Auto’s websites are responsive, which means they are designed to work well on any type of device or browser. For mobile shoppers, this is a must.
● Our websites are also designed with performance in mind. They load quickly in order to provide a smooth, enjoyable user experience.
● Finally, our websites come with a full battery of metrics and reporting, allowing you to quickly size up the effectiveness of our website platform.

Craigslist Management

If you’re an independent auto dealer, Craigslist marketing may be your secret weapon. That’s because Craigslist generates more used car traffic than any of its competitors; because 12 percent of Craigslist leads convert to sales; and because most Craigslist shoppers are highly motivated to close on a deal sooner rather than later.

To take advantage of this platform, you’ll need a software solution to help manage your Craigslist postings. That’s something Get My Auto is happy to offer. Our one-of-a-kind Craigslist Wizard feature not only helps you create and optimize listings, but also to cross-publish them across social media platforms. There’s no better way to ensure exposure for a new vehicle purchase.

Also keep in mind that we designed Craigslist Wizard with a keen understanding of how the Craigslist algorithms work, meaning our software will help you ensure prominent placement and maximum visibility among Craigslist shoppers. These are all critical features that can give your dealership a significant advantage over the competition.

Social Media Advertising

Craigslist is just one example of how you can connect your inventory with the right buyers. Another important platform? Facebook advertising, which boasts more than a billion members and 22 billion annual ad clicks. Simply put, your dealership can’t afford to neglect this massive audience.

And yet, organic reach isn’t enough to connect your inventory to motivated buyers. For that, you’ll need an effective ad strategy… and that’s something Get My Auto can deliver. Our Facebook Advertising Solutions make it easy to hone and target your ads to local consumers who have shown real intent to buy a used or new car.

Something else to keep in mind is that very few used car shoppers are going to convert upon the first interaction with your Facebook posting. That’s why we offer Facebook BeBacks with Dynamic Vin Technology. This is our unique solution to draw those window-shoppers back to your dealership, and ultimately to turn them into paying customers. BeBacks does this by keeping track of the consumers who visit your dealership website, then displaying your inventory to them as they browse Facebook and other websites.

VIN Inventory Management & Appraisal

Successful auto dealers also need expedient ways to manage their inventory of vehicles, and to easily access information about a particular vehicle simply by entering its VIN data.

Get My Auto is pleased to include full inventory management and VIN-based appraisal tools within our catalog. These tools provide an essential way for you to stay on top of the product you offer, to make judicious determinations about trade-ins and pricing, and to deliver up-to-date product information to any customer who calls, emails, or visits your showroom.

Bottom line: Our inventory management and appraisal tools provide essential services that can help you run your dealership smoothly and successfully.

Get the Best in Dealer Technology

In order to scale and sustain your dealership, it’s important to work with a cutting-edge technology provider. In the field of dealer software solutions, Get My Auto is simply unparalleled. To learn more about our flagship DMS+, or any of the a la carte solutions we’ve mentioned here, we welcome you to request a demo.

The founders of Get My Auto, along with our entire team, have decades of experience in the automotive world. We love having any opportunity to help dealers succeed. To chat with us, reach out at any time.